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If for you the details, refinement and care are important qualities, then you found the right place to enjoy the good moments in life.

Pousada Mirante da Colyna Spa is in a privileged position 500m from the Av. tourMonte Verde (Green Hill shopping center) and is surrounded by greenery on all sides, being situated on a hill surrounded by forests of pines and native vegetation with a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains Serra da Mantiqueira.

The cottages are positioned for stunning views, very private and equipped with the sophistication and comfort that you deserve on your visit to Monte Verde.

As the name implies our hostel is a true viewpoint, because even within the chalets network or double whirlpool, our guests are able to see the main sights of the city as the stones of the mountain range that make the reputation of Monte Verde and consist of : Departure Stone, Round Stone, Bishop's Hat and Peak Sealed.

Truly the charm, good taste and quality are present in the complete structure of our guesthouse, which also has ample off street parking and security.

All these features ensure an environment where the fragrant breeze that passes between the trees and the nearby nature trails Pousada and prepared to walk and walk.

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