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Perendaman Mandi = (Immersion Baths) - (40 minutes)

Mandi Brahma

Main effect: Revitalization
Prepared with dried mint and ginger pieces, essential oils of orange, eucalyptus and ginger sesame and vegetable oil.
Accompany Organic Lemon and Ginger tea.

Mandi Vishnu

Main effect: Relaxation and decreased anxiety.
Prepared with dried lavender, essential oils of lavender, lemongrass and cedar and plant sesame oil.
Accompany Organic Tea Lemon grass, lemon balm and passionflower.

Mandi Shiva

Main effect: Renewal and clean energy
Prepared with dried rosemary, lemon peels and essential oils of lemon, rosemary and mint and vegetable sesame oil.
Accompany Organic Tea Green Tea with lemon and ginger

Mandi Ganesha

Main effect: enthusiasm, willingness and joy
Prepared with orange peel and pieces of cinnamon sticks, essential oils of cinnamon, mint, orange and sesame oil.
Follows organic tea with spices Mandarina.

Mandi Kuan Yin

Main effect: Emotional Balance
Prepared with chamomile flowers, essential oils of bergamot, geranium and lavender, and sesame oil.
Accompany Organic Tea Vanilla and Peach.

Mandi Shiva Shakti

Main effect: Aphrodisiac
Prepared with dried roses and cinnamon essential oils of ylang ylang, ginger, cinnamon and sesame vegetable oil.
Accompanies Mate Chai with spices of the East, composed of white tea, floral notes and a touch of passion fruit.


Therapeutic baths has been used for thousands of years. It originated in Japan that built this habit in your family dynamics as not only therapeutic, but also as a "spiritual" tradition.

Each family had a tub indoors. These vats were filled with hot water and all the family used the same water, beginning with the elders, the elders to leave water in your wisdom, so the newest to enter the water absorb this ancient energy.

Today, of course, even for reasons of hygiene, this habit of using the same water is restricted to family practice, among those who maintain the tradition. But what is known, studies and surveys, is that this "therapy" has many benefits, preventive and revitalizastes.

In addition to being excellent for the relief of pain due to water temperature that allows the muscle relaxation, increased cellular blood circulation and oxygenation can be used for various purposes depending on the natural elements added to this water.

And thinking of the sum of the benefits of this practice, the more knowledge we have today of the benefits of the gifts that nature produces, formulate 6 Magical Rituals Immersion to you opt for the one that most inspires you and what most benefit within the desired proposal.

The bath aromatic oil is a very effective therapy for hot water opens the pores and releases toxin, causing the absorption of oils from the skin is higher, carrying more easily through the body benefits. In addition, the oils act to olfactory and psychological level, stimulating various organs.