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Day SPA - One day more than special!

  • SPA Mirante da Colyna

The proposed Day Spa is the right move for anyone who wants to take a day to care for!

A unique opportunity to enjoy nature of Monte Verde receiving the best care for Balancing Body, Mind and Emotions!

Scheduled a whole day since his arrival at the Centre, to experience the program that suits you, arousing your senses in a sensitive manner, through the aromas, taste, touch, the warmth, beauty and wellness that without doubt Our Team provide to You!

Nutritional Program

The Day Spa Programs were developed by integrating a set of therapies to harmonize and get the expected result, and for this to be potentiated also developed an (optional) nutritional program, so that your body receives better all this affection.
Note.: The nutritional program is optional and will be paid the part, if the customer wishes to realize it.

This includes:

 Monitoring Therapeutic
 Treatments
 Green Juice / Fruit salad
 For non-guests, the ranges of treatments you can use the pool area.

Lakshmi Program - Body In Natura

For those who want to work the body aesthetics through treatment and natural products.

 bath hot tubs Shiva
 Body Scrub
 Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Body Shaper
 Moisturizing Facial Mask

Parvati program - Facial Beauty in Natura

For those who want to work through facial cosmetic treatment and high-tech products.

 bath hot tubs Brahma
 Clean Skin Deep
 Deep hydration with Silk Threads
 Hands Spa

Ganesha program - Bliss and Prosperity

For those who want to release and renew your energy to have more will to achieve their desires.

 bath hot tubs Ganesha
 Ayurvedic Massage
 Cleaning and Facial Mask
 Energy Realignment with chromotherapy

Buddha Program - Concentration and Clarity

For those looking to balance the mental unrest, may through relaxation and concentration to clear his mind and get inspired.

 bath hot tubs Vishnu
 Shiatsu
 Cleaning and Facial Mask
 Energy Realignment with chromotherapy

Kuan Yin Program - Emotional Balance

For those who feel emotionally frayed, which went through some troubled times and are in need of a special matching.

 bath hot tubs Kuan Yin
 Relaxing Aromatic Massage
 Cleaning and Facial Mask
 Energy Realignment with chromotherapy