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Facial Aesthetics

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Skin Deep Cleaning + Realignment energy with chromotherapy.
Full facial treatment, going through all stages, cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, toning and moisturizing deep. Hydration will be held with specific masks, respecting the need of the client's skin. The products used are recognized in the market for its high technology (90 minutes).


Facial tissue regeneration particles Diamond + Realignment energy with chromotherapy.
Preventive treatment with exclusive and innovative technology with diamond particles. Providing increase in lifespan of cells capable of slowing the aging process, as well as hydrate and significantly improve the appearance.
Indicated for the treatment of the signs of facial aging, increasing water levels of the skin, can also be applied to youthful skin as prevention. Produce any lifting effect on the skin (60 minutes).


Deep Hydration Wired Silk + Realignment energy with chromotherapy.
Biological method of regeneration and strengthening of the tissues through the natural fibers of silk. Suitable for recovery of devitalized aging skin, aging photo and flaccid. The massage is carried over and the only permanent effect of silk fibers are sufficient to achieve the result, eliminating the use of appliances. Suitable for damaged, dehydrated skin. A self-impact treatment for skin dehydrated (60 minutes).