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Ganga (Hydro Spa)

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Whirlpool therapy is a form of hydrotherapy, providing an improved blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin for greater water circulation. The high temperature of the water works muscle relaxation, stress reduction benefits, and improves the quality of sleep. The sequence of colors led water provides the therapeutic effect of a chromotherapy, coupled with the special treatment that the water gets through the release of ozone (60 minutes).

Dharana (Shiatsu)

Massage of Japanese origin performed by pressure with the fingers and palms in all regions that pass the body meridians (energy channels) therapy. It has multiple purposes, helping the body to restore physical processes already installed, such as aches and pains, as well as psychosomatic problems such as depression, low self-esteem, etc.. Towards greater body awareness (60 minutes).

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Ghanda (Relaxation Massage)

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Integrative massage, made with vegetables and synergies of essential oils that enhance its effect. Its main characteristic is the pace. It's soft and made with the intention to dissolve the physical, mental and emotional breastplates. Works at a deep level of empathy and affect the entire movement (60 minutes).

Bakti (Hot Stones)

Massage technique that uses thermotherapy to generate equilibrium. With the application of hot stones on the body, we obtain a synergy, physiological and organic reactions beneficial to health, such as cell regeneration, soothing and toning effect, leads to a profound state of well-being and serenity (90 minutes).

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Kundalini (Ayurvedic Massage)

Massage inspired by traditional Indian medicine that respects the client's body type. We use the heated oil and its pace will be held from biotype identified through a review. Ideal to enhance the immune system and the balance of vital energy (70 minutes).

Deva (Pindas Chinese)

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Massage performed on the entire body with bundles of linen, heated, which contains in its interior herbs, Himalayan salt and oats. Also inspired by the traditional Indian medicine and achieved from the assessment of biotype client. Provides relaxation, tones the body leaving it strong, nourishes the skin to promote radiance and beauty (70 minutes).

Ananda (Escaldapés)

Scheldt legs with foot reflexology and massage ends, starts with soaking the feet in warm water prepared with herbs and essential oils, followed by a deep massage on the feet and goes for a relaxing massage in the extremities (head, shoulders and hands ) which will provide a state of relaxation and well being.
The use of vegetable oils and aromatherapy with reflexology accentuate their therapeutic purpose (60 minutes).

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Prithivi (Geotherapy)

Application of medicinal clay rich in minerals at specific points of the body, depending on the need, which will be evaluated by the therapist. The clay does a thorough job of detoxifying the skin and internal organs, and stimulate cell renewal and boost defenses (60 minutes).

Maha Lila (SPA feet and hands)

The feet and hands need the same care, why should undergo a deep moisturizing regularly. For hands prevention of premature aging of the skin, due to permanent exposure to weather and foot due to dryness that usually happens in the region of the heel. This treatment is complete and aims hydration and nourishment of the skin of the hands and feet, passing through all the stages necessary for this to occur, hygiene, exfoliation, nutrient absorption through the heat and hydration. Very relaxing, besides taking tired feet (60 minutes).


Exfoliation and Moisturizing Organic.
This approach has two stages, the first is the elimination of dead cells of the body through a scrub with a product based on quartz crystals and essential oils. Then, get a relaxing massage with an organic and very nourishing body cream, which possess antioxidant effect, leaving silky and more service (90 minutes) skin.

Laya (Lymphatic Drainage)

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Massage slow, gentle and relaxing on the path of the lymphatic system that aims to enable its functions by reducing swelling, bumps, cellulite and fluid retention, and help eliminate toxins movements. Particularly suitable as an accompaniment to weight loss (60 minutes) schemes.

Mukti (Shaper)

Massage the molding is a technique which uses rapid and intense maneuvers on the skin by using pressure and sliding movements of kneading. Its main benefits are to improve oxygenation of the tissues, breaking the chain of fat and improves muscle tone, which helps to combat cellulite, localized fat and flaccidity (60 minutes).

Moksha (Akasuri)

The Akasuri is of Japanese origin, it is a ritual, which begins by a bath of hot tubs that will assist in softening the skin and then a body scrub is performed with a freshly prepared natural paste, fruit, cocoa , oats and quartz crystals, which in addition to removing dead cells, make a delicious hydration. After treatment the client will taste the folder with the same base that was exfoliated, and also received an internal nutrition (90 minutes).

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